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Why it works

Return on Investment (ROI) and cost per lead are often top of the agenda at marketing meetings, but sometimes demonstrating ROI to management can be tricky. Or slow. Or non-existent. That’s not the case with Pop-Up Property.

We supply you with a list of pre-qualified leads interested in your development, and you’ll be able to do the math with data that both tangible and trackable. 

Aside from lead generation, a high-level of brand awareness will also be achieved as well as an opportunity to cross-sell your other relevant developments. It’s really up to you how you handle your data when you receive it. You can call your prospects to arrange a viewing or add them to your database for upcoming marketing campaigns or launch events.  


A unique addition to your marketing campaign

No-one values media more than us, and we realise that you will want to continue using your trusted media channels alongside our Pop-Ups for really strong integrated campaigns. Whilst a full-page advert in the Evening Standard or Metro is great for your brand profile, it is more immediately beneficial to receive a large volume of qualified leads after a successful weekend with Pop-Up Property.

Don’t forget about value for money. A single pitch on our stand costs about the same as a quarter page in the Evening Standard or Metro. A compete Pop-Up stand take over (or solo exhibition) is about the same as a double-page spread and a strip in the same publications.


People-to-people marketing with customer feedback and sentiment analysis

The housing market is at present being significantly propped up by government backed schemes. We may have got our own heads around Help to Buy or Shared Ownership, but for many consumers this is still a myriad of complex information, let alone the affordability criteria. It is this kind of complexity that is putting up barriers to sale with many of your prospects.

We can also provide you with on the ground feedback directly from your prospects. After three days of showcasing your properties, our agents will be fully equipped to follow up with you on what was said and who said it. This important insight could even help shape the content of your future campaigns and promotions.


Our experienced team act as your ambassadors

Our fully experienced agents can help relay this complex information, allowing the customer to take centre stage, whilst also gathering trust, confidence and the all-important customer data.

We can certainly take the time to visit development and learn about your specific requirements.